My nails look good

I’ve just been watching Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Junior and Jude Law. Why haven’t I seen this before?

Great film and the sight of Robert Downey naked strapped to a bed with a lovely floral pillow for his modesty. Well that made the film!!!

I’ve never really been into Sherlock Holmes, mainly because I’m more a modernist type film buff. When I say modernist, I mean in terms of look and era. So maybe I change my mind now.

In other news Drax sent this following link to a few and I watched. Then I watched a second time.

It really is interesting and if you don’t mind subtitles it’s worth watching due to the subject. It does make you think. I say no more.



Paris Dress from Saschas Designs at the Designer Showcase

Forged Nails from Cazimi at the Designer Showcase

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

Soiree hair from the TRUTH VIP group

Eline skin from AMARA

Reflectice eyes from Amara

Suzy Lipstick (for Catwa HDPRO) from A R T E at the eBento

Glam on eyeshadow from A R T E

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Alexa Pose from Empowered (sorry cant find landmark)

Shot on location at Backdrop City

2 thoughts on “My nails look good

  1. “Why haven’t I seen this before?”

    Hmm, because you’re special or sumfink? Anyhoo, it shows your good taste.

    Because, let’s be honest, the Guy Ritchie movies aren’t very good. More spectacle than brains. Almost as stupid as the newly interpreted stories with Benevolent Cucumberbitch and his hobbit.


    1. Lol you have such a way with words.
      I actually did enjoy it in the end.
      The backdrops were amazing and then I find out they were filmed near where I live. They sure turned that piece of water into an amazing set


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