Erotic groove

Sassy!!!! Seriously sassy!!! This lady Kayla Brenda can sure dance.

But I had to keep it angelic for YouTube because well. Honestly I kept watching myself do this dance thinking man don’t I look the Shizz.

I had visions but I’ll keep them to myself because, I’m a lady! That’s all I’m saying.

I actually really enjoyed making this because I looked sweet but seriously at my age there is nothing sweet . Ha ha

Enjoy the video….


Dance Credits:-

Featuring the Kayla Erotic Groove dance from Paragon Dance Animations now at UBER

Product Description

Kayla Brenda, pro dancer for Jason Derulo, performance-captured these 6 erotic grooves exclusively for SL catering to exotic dancers. Slow, sensual and stage-friendly with stationary movements.

Originally danced to “Missin’ It” by Leeta Lauxkeyy. Tempo = 86.10

Check out the Second Life Behind the Scenes with Kayla Brenda creating these dance animations:

About Kayla Brenda

  • Professional dancer for Jason Derulo and Trey Songz
  • Heels instructor at Steezy Studio – Online Dance Class and the Playground L.A.
  • Creator of BodyLoveSeries

Kayla Brenda Social Media:

YouTube Channel:

Clothing credits:-

Credits :-

Kaila outfit from Scandalize

So Cozy Boots from Blueberry

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

PomPom hair from eXxEsS

Eline skin from AMARA

Reflectice eyes from Amara

Suzy Lipstick (for Catwa HDPRO) from A R T E at the eBento

Glam on eyeshadow from A R T E

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Cloudy dream scene from Milk Motion

Paragon Dance Animations Social Media

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Group url: secondlife:///app/group/6f12165e-7e7b-3e6a-b858-1a9e8ae45d4b/about

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