Washed up and middle aged

Washed up and Middle Aged

I had a comment put on  my one YouTube video yesterday which really made me chuckle.

The comment said and I quote “Why do middle aged, washed up,  unattractive and overweight women in this game represent themselves as being young and attractive”.

Im guessing that was a personal dig/comment aimed at me. I mean  I  could assume it was aimed at someone else but as it was put under one of my videos then it was aimed at me.

Why did it make me chuckle. Let me tell you. I have regularly received such hateful remarks and as frustrated as I could get over them and feel the need to dramatically exit doing my thing, I choose not to.

I choose to swim against the tide and make no doubt about it, I am a strong swimmer despite the awful hateful things I get called.

You see, I am not easily bullied,  that I feel I need to leave because one persons perception of me along with their cronies is to “encourage me” by regularly passing insult. I can get hurt yes, but it lasts moments.

A great guy said this to me. “Behind every troll there is an insecure, sleep deprived, ugly hating  soul. Their sole existence is  about hating others in order to make themselves feel better about themselves, yet deep down, they do not ever reach that better feeling.”

Sadly in the Vlogger/Blogger community part of Second Life there is this competitive negative force and people feel the need to behave in ways they deep down know they wouldn’t or shouldn’t ordinarily. That competitiveness is destructive and not community based.

Yet behind the keyboard these people turn into playground bullies and think it is ok to behave so.

I grew up in an era of the saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never harm me” For me, that is very true. They hurt, but I forget a day later.

But for others the harm can be real. If you are one of these soul destroyed people who feels the need to behave so in order to either boost yourself or ingratiate yourself to someone else. Stop and think.

The words that you spout on social media, has direct impact and can very much harm a person and you would be responsible.

But I need to add to  that person who follows me to pop the dislikes regularly and the insulting comments via their alternate YouTube accounts and their cronies. Last time I checked myself out in the mirror, I am neither washed up, unattractive or hugely overweight. Yes I am middle aged, I own that. But believe me, you will get there one day too!

I am a professional in real  life, I have qualifications, I have a family, I have children who have great careers and I have a grandson and I have great close friends.

I also have a past of fighting against abuse and bullies for being the person I am and for how I have looked. I was a model back in the day and because of how I looked I suffered a great deal of bullying from that part of life and sexist behaviour’s from a male dominated work force.

In my virtual world, I can be who I want to be. So if I want to be a lithe blonde then I will be a lithe blonde, If I want to be Chubby Marika, then I will be. If I want to be a buxom Thelma, then that is who I will be. Harriet, I will be her any day.

After all it is my Second Life and I will do as I please because I pay my way to be here.

If any of my readers find themselves in this situation, I want you to know I am soon to create something that I believe will help all the people who are feeling bullied, trolled, made to feel not good enough etc.

As a community, we need to stand up and say hell no to all the bullies.


Hep top and leggings from I M Collection

Hep flat shoes fromI M Collection

Ruky pose from Lyrium at the EQUAL10 Event

Gem eyes  from Amara Beauty

Glam on eyeshadow from A R T E

Zafirah lipstick from A R T E

Shakira hair from DOUX

Catya bento head from CATWA

Angel shape for the Catya head LizBitz

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Edie  skin in 04 from  Amara Beauty

Shot on location at The Peak beach area


2 thoughts on “Washed up and middle aged

  1. Amen! As someone who has been around various online communities for *gulp* 30 years—going all the way back to the original online services like CompuServe and AOL—I’ve seen and heard from trolls like the ones you describe throughout that time. Truly, the only thing that has changed is the speed of Internet connections, and thus their ability to get their hate on quickly and rapidly.

    But for every troll, I’ve encountered many more people who’ve made me laugh and think, and been there for me when I’ve needed advice or a shoulder to cry on. 🙂

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    1. Yeah it’s a annoying phenomenon the troll or online bully.
      There appear to be many and from people reaching out to let me know their own situations it’s such a common behaviour.
      Well we need to make it less common.
      I feel quite strongly that if those things are said to someone else rather than me the effect they could have would be a different reaction. That really concerns me. Hence I’d like to start up some kind of network that people who face this can go and get reassurance and support . Just an ear to their situation often helps.


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