Coffee about Trolls, blogger issues and a thank you

So I had a multitude of issues trying to upload Coffee with Isa to YouTube. Then I realized actually by integrating the virtual me it caused the upload to crash each time as when I removed the majority of the virtual overlay, finally after 3 attempts last night and then another 4 coming home today. [...]

An udder day

So my being trolled and such continues each day. It’s a really draining exercise because one person has all the time in the world to sit there at their computer and do this. I already know who it is and have informed You Tube of my suspicions. They are currently monitoring it. Unfortunately the automatic [...]


Good morning So I’m sat here on my bus headed to work and after yesterday’s troller drama, You Tube have taken down that strike that some silly person attempted to make against my account. It does go to show we need to stick up for ourselves. Don’t be intimidated by individual or group troublemakers that [...]

Oooops back to work with a troll on my back!

Oooops back to work with a troll on my back!

Damnations!I'm back on the dreaded bus going to work.Life as we know it, returns back to normal.I was just getting used to my lazy lifestyle the past two weeks and now boom!Apparently it's what we must do if we want money. Totally ridiculous I know.I'm envisaging around 600 emails and a pile of post that [...]