My thoughts in the snow

I read an interesting article earlier about whether or not workers should be allowed to nap at work.

I think the funniest part of that whole article is the fact that it’s deduced that it must be some kind of choice to nod off and it’s a big no no.

Well, in today’s lifestyle we live pretty much on the go constantly.

I remember years ago the average person obtained 8 hours sleep a night and woke refreshed. Less stress and worry.

These days the average person gets anywhere between 4-6 hours sleep uninterrupted as a guesstimate.

Times have changed. The world population spends more time working, more time spent in screen time of electronic devices and this certainly has a great impact.

Not only that various health issues as a result of modern lifestyles also reflect in how energised people are.

I remember years ago learning of how Japanese companies were investing in sleep pods whereby a power nap could be taken during the day for staff to energise.

I think that’s a pretty good practice and don’t understand why more companies don’t consider this approach.

A twenty minute nap is enough to recharge a person to then get on with the day.

A person is then more focused and alert and that in turn means far more productive.

I don’t think people ever stop to consider how long the working day actually is.

It’s not just the 8 hours you do, it’s the travel time to get there and then home again.

Mix in with that those who take work home to do, those who have children to also spend time with etc.

Then you realise that we are all only mere human beings and do need times to recharge during the day.

Do you feel you need a nap during the day? Do you get a full 8 hours sleep a night?


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6 thoughts on “My thoughts in the snow

  1. The concept of naps in the workplace has been floating a round for a while but I doubt it’ll catch on here in the states. For myself naps make me feel more tired for some reason if I take a nap (hardly ever!) I feel very sluggish when I awake LOL. Refreshed? no way for me that is. Isabelle you always have something interesting to chat about no wonder I enjoy your blog posts so much!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love a good nap. But yes I’m like you it can have a negative effect. Hence 20 mins is perfect amount of time. I get zone outs due to my Fibro and at times can struggle to concentrate. A nap certainly can be a great source of refreshing.
      I guess we won’t see it till out as much as we would hope. The problem is employers lack of trust mostly.
      Thank you for lovely words. X

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s a kewl concept but without sounding negative I find that American workers (my age) aren’t as industrious as their parents to grandparents were so I don’t think companies would go for nap time idea lol. I love your work Is its always fun and interesting
        PS:I’m finding it hard to keep office workers that can be both reliable and efficient hence “my” long hours.

        Liked by 1 person

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