Grrrrr get me out of here!

I struggle a lot with unwanted invites/adds into Facebook groups or being added/tagged in Flickr and any other social media whatsoever. When it’s directly associated to porn.

If I wanted to join in some group to satiate some desire I have, wouldn’t that be my decision?

There seems to be a rise of this kind of thing particularly in the Flickr realms, but lately I seem to get the Facebook invites and frankly if I wanted to see porn, I’m quite capable of doing it myself thank you.

My most recent is now Instagram.

I woke up today to private messages from women (cough men) trying to get me interested in their “private” page.

Not so long ago I was tagged amongst other women into a Flickr page. Some pixel dude had added all his dick photos to it. No thank you. I’d rather admire a salami and then eat it!

Ive previously spoken in one of my Coffee with Isa about how I’ve been emailed dick pics from people watching my YouTube. I did say at the time I’d create a collage of it all.

Anyone else finding they are getting this?

What do you do about it?


Gretel dress with panties from::OOPS!:: at the Unik Event

Red spirit lipstick (omega version) from [GA.EG] at the August round EQUAL10 event

Latex thigh high boots from Grima

Gem eyes  from Amara Beauty

Panny  hair from Truth

Glam on eyeshadow from A R T E

Catya bento head from CATWA

Angel shape for the Catya head LizBitz

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Edie  skin in 04 from  Amara beauty

Shot on location at Superstition Valley

4 thoughts on “Grrrrr get me out of here!

  1. I used to get followed on Tumblr by various profiles that were all links to adult sites. (I bailed from Tumblr late last year, shortly before Tumblr started purging the site of most adult content, plus a lot of non-adult stuff their software flagged by mistake. Fun times, not.)

    I’m no longer on Facebook (because I felt dirty using that place after the Cambridge Analytica revelations broke), and only tried Instagram briefly (my phone didn’t like their app, for some reason). I *might* return to Flickr, once they’re full extricated from Yahoo. (Because creating a Yahoo account again is definitely a hard limit for me.)

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    1. Yep it’s one pain in the butt and the more social media sites we use, the more of that content lands there. I’ve sadly seen SL porn images on Instagram now, which frankly does nothing for the image is SL 😳


      1. I’m surprised that X-rated pics are getting onto Instagram, since from what I know that place is pretty hostile to nudity, let alone anything sexual. Unless it’s getting past the filters. (Which wouldn’t surprised me, automated filters are pretty useless, and more likely to flag innocent content by accident.)

        As an aside, making porn in SL is *doable*, but potentially a lot of work, both to get tab A into slot B, and then to edit out all the visual oddities caused by SL physics (or lack thereof). Yeah, I have some adult furniture, but to be honest it’s a lot sexier to emote in chat, because going by visuals and animation alone will probably have both parties doubled up in laughter! XD

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      2. Lol yeah there’s loads and I think at the moment it gets through because of where it’s tagged. SL porn is interesting because it take a hell of a lot of fiddling to get a good picture.
        Lol yeah I’ll stick to clothes lol easier


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