Life’s a picnic

Goodness before I even start prattling on. Check deets if you like what you see and rush on over to the Designer Showcase as this round ends in a few days.

Now back to my blog prattle. I’m completely utterly shattered and in bed and it’s not even reached 9.30 pm.

I went out today for work/union and did the whole bus into town etc, then the walk! Honestly knackered me out!

It actually was a great day which did what it was meant to do, reinforce in my heart why I’m a strong unionist and fight for workers rights.

I used to talk about it a lot in my blog but covid happened and life changed etc etc.

I don’t just work, create videos and write blogs. I am involved with union activity and that passion is really what keeps me strong at work on days I feel rather weak.

The knowledge that at the end of the day unions are there to keep the finger on the pulse to ensure all employees rights are looked after.

There was a time I used to joke about having a virtual union for bloggers. At times I still feel it’s necessary when I read some abhorrent comments made on social media by creators.

Also the same from bloggers. But can I be bothered? Nahhhh I don’t have enough time in my days,

Night night.


Crocus Outfit from Evergreen at the Designer Showcase

Sumerian necklace from Hearstdale Jewellery at the Designer Showcase

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

Charisma hair by Truth

Manon skin from the Skinnery in toffee

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Image courtesy using Flickr

In full bloom pose from Heart Poses

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