More than a living room..ASMR!

I can’t ever just do a picture. It’s just not my thing and I do love to make a video or two or three.

The living room from Chez Moi is now my Linden home decor as well as my beach home. I’ll do a video soon on that as it’s literally Chez Moi!! Other merchants of course but seriously I have been a huge Chez Moi purchaser over the years because of the amazing animations and lovely textures.

So I am truly pleased they gave me the opportunity to blog for them. Naturally I’m a little unique in my decor videos, and I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

Today though, Beverley the goddess of cringe ASMR tells you all about this set. Do enjoy!!!



Featuring the Micka Living room set from Chez Moi at the ACCESS Event till April 8th.

You can check out some of the animations or pics here too

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