The heat is on for the fur friends

Lord my apartment is rather warm right now. Firstly we having a heatwave here that promises to potentially reach 40 Celsius Sunday and I’m sunburnt.

I took two days away from computers etc and spent them doing things that make me happy this last weekend. I went to the seaside with some girly friends and somehow managed to end up like a red beacon of heat.

Yes I am sunburnt!! I didn’t start out the day to get that way, but by around 1pm after being in pub beer gardens noticed that weirdly my knees were super red. The rest of my exposed arms, legs, neck and face followed.

Today I am a heat source. I forgot my medication was a mixture and yes two of the tablets I take are photosensitive to sunlight and thus what would have been a medium bit of colour has turned into pretty darn red. I’m avoiding any sun for the rest of the week at the very least.

But that’s actually not really my main concern. It’s our fur friends in this heat. I’ve been wetting old towels and put them on the floor in hallway and bathroom with a fan to keep the floor cool.

My female cat suddenly has a water infection so when I wake up it’s vets pronto and in meantime I’m syringing her mouth now and then with water to make sure she has enough fluids.

Honestly fur family are like our children. They rely on us to do the best for them as they have little control.

I’m hoping Tippi will be comfortable over the next 8 hours so I can get her seen and started on her antibiotic. She has had uti previously and at least so far this is not as bad as then as I’m catching this real quick.

Anyhow bikini was for the Saturday sale. I’m a tad late but you never know Entice often leaves them out a few days after the sale. So run…

This weekend:-


Bubble Gum bikini from Entice for the Saturday Sale

4 sets are up for the Saturday Sale: Blush Penguin, Powder Fairy, Sky Zebra, Yellow Peace
– Lara, Petite, Meshbody Legacy, HG, Freya sizes
– 75L per set

HARUKA hair from Argrace

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

Eline skin in beige  AMARA

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Image courtesy using Flickr

Im on a boat pose from !bang

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