Hurry oh and read

OMG you literally only have a few days so before I ramble. The top is available till the 25 June which is Saturday!

I’m actually in bed right now. I tend to do my blogging in random places but never at the computer. Never.

I prefer the feel of a natural moment than that of sitting all posture “correct”, tapping on the keys using spell check etc. I tend to find that feeling somewhat uncomfortable and a bit constrained if that makes sense?

Plus I have not long finished streaming the book club with Draxtor and another great author Tashan Mehta.

I have to say I feel pretty humbled and lucky doing the streaming as I get to meet these authors in the background in google meet and it fascinates me because it’s giving me an impetus to read more. Also meeting the great writers behind their books.

I did notice Mike Watson turn up as well into the audience. It’s always lovely when authors return just to come to support other authors. Also really cool they enjoy the experience of coming back.

Today I’m pretty shattered. In fact all week I have been so. I am not sure if it’s Fibro flare, menopause looming or a blood sugar issue. Or maybe I’m just dumb well getting old! There is that, but I like to dismiss that elephant in the room pretty fast.

So on that note I extend a hug to you all and recommend you read a good book, but go get this top first!!! It has a hud!

Good night.


Top no6 from eXxEsS now at the Cosmopolitan event till 25 June

Leather Skirt no 3 from eXxEsS

Amaia hair from eXxEsS

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

Becca lipstick from Beaumore

Eighteen plus 5 eyeshadow from IDDTY

Eline skin in beige  AMARA

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Hall of love backdrop from the Bearded Guy

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