Meet Dolores

It’s Wednesday and for me it’s a struggle of week.

To be honest it usually is of late for one reason or another and that’s just how it is in the current climate. Today after a rather eventual night I decided I really need a break. A complete detach where I don’t get up and start work.

I decided to treat myself to a day off on Friday and see if I can realign my Chakras or at the very least, relax and see a friend or two.

Though I’ve not made arrangements either as I want to just let my day flow.

Last night at 2 am was really my last straw. My bed broke!

Yep you read that correctly the base slats which were a previous repair job suddenly caved in and my mattress took me to a place I really didn’t fancy being in. The hollow of the netherworlds under my bed. God knows what ner dwellers live there but I came back up again.

To be honest it’s really the last thing I needed right now given cash is a little tight these days and I’m trying to get used to downsizing life in preparation for let’s face it pending recession.

So, my decision is….

I’m going to ditch the bed and put the mattress on the floor and turn all Japanese . Why not!

The only thing my daughter did point out was would I be able to get up . Cheek of it!!! So today I’m Dolores my Kalhene avatar. (That’s my nickname for her).


Earth Moves Jacket and pants from I M Collection at Fashion Essentials from 15th October

Bountiful lipstick from Cazimi

Olivia hair from Magika

Anya bento mesh body with head from Kalhene

All skin is in the pack with the shape

Calendar pose from Amitie

2 thoughts on “Meet Dolores

  1. Maybe, hopefully I’ll find the time and patience to fiddle around with my avie and buy a Kalhene, too. But then, knowing my impatience, if she’s not perfect after 5 minutes, I pull her off again and do things more worthwile … or I just go back to RL and let Orcsi rot in her half-finished status. 😮


    1. Lol I’m like that with heads. I have many that I tried to achieve the isa look with and I’m pleased with the catwa now as she basically looks like the isa I’m used to now. The Kalhene I have to say is gorgeous and the body physics and look are amazing so I’m going with Dolores as my fashionista now and then. I may make her a character gif help anyone as no idea what lame voice I can come up with but I’ll give it a go.
      The Kalhene is a bit of a game changer for people as the price rocks and also it’s darn simple to put together.


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