Heads up!!!

Yesterday was a lovely day.

I had the little fellow all day and just his presence always gives me a boost about what’s important in life.

Not possessions, not money, not all those things that people seek.

Family is what’s important. Watching him grow and being part of his life education and regular chats is what I love.

Followed up last night by his mum, my son and his partner coming for the evening and laughter. That’s what’s important. And good health to see it all!!!


Ok I went and purchased the Erin Evolution head and I’m in a quandary. I damn well love her. With my own shape I looked at her and fell in love.

I haven’t done the BOM with her just yet as frankly I didn’t have time as it was a family day yesterday and my time playing with myself was limited.

So am I ready to go Erin completely? I’ll let you know later as I’m going to see how I like her vlogging.

In the meantime here she is modelling KiB and Raindale.


Zalika Jumpsuit from KiB Designs at the Designer Showcase from the 5th January

 Jardibelle chair from Raindale at the Access Event

Erin Evolution head from Lelutka

Shape is my own

Alias hair from Truth

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Isabelle skin in 05 from  Amara Beauty


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