Sinespace and DAZ 3D

I was contacted toward the end of last year to check out Sinespace and look at the DAZ 3D avatars.

Unfortunately as many know I wasn’t well over the Christmas period and couldn’t do so. The video I mean. I have been visiting and fiddling around getting used to walking and teleporting etc.

I’m still at work on my DAZ avatar in terms of shape but on the whole I’m quite pleased with her.

All that’s needed is a great head of hair and I’m ready to go.

I’m really impressed by these avatars as I can honestly see how they will eventually transform once more creators come in.

So last night I popped the video out into YouTube of the avatar and how you can actually make the look how you want. As you will see I had too much fun with the sliders.

There are actually a number of things that amaze me, one being the ability of sliders and how much you can do with them. In comparison to my other favourite worlds I have to say that aspect is pretty cool.

The other which I show is the effect of water. Now that’s only a brief view as I have full intention of showing you how it is to go under water where I saw fish.

If I had a VR headset I can only imagine how amazing that is.

So the joining bit.

You can join free and explore etc for as long as you want. You also get a home spot as part of you joining. There are also membership plans if you want to expand on your experience and you can check those out here

When you first start in Sinespace the company will give you a 30,000 silver currency for you to shop and clothe your avatar etc. There are two currencies to use in this world, both Gold and Silver. Silver you cannot extract back out of the world, so no you can’t join and take the cash! Shame on you for thinking it 😊

Currently in open beta, Sinespace is a cross-platform online virtual world (OVW) for PC, Mac, Android, and VR (iOS and console support in pipeline), where thousands of users come together every day to socialise, create content, customise their character, share experiences, and purchase user-generated content from the in-game store

It’s worth a visit and definitely regarding the DAZ 3D avatars which may not at the outset look great visually from photos, but the ability to then modify them to your hearts content is amazing.

Remember this is just the start and as more content creators visit I can foresee this virtual world doing good things.

For the interest of those who ask, no I’m not a paid promotion. I was invited to check it out and was pleasantly surprised.

I’m a fan of all the worlds I visit, because each has its own qualities I love.



To join you can find the details here 



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    Whoa! Guys, look at this! Isabelle Cheren was in Sinespace and that world looks pretty fancy like. Observe the camera effects when she goes into the water. Amayyyyzinnng!


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