Call me Eyebrows!

I remember the day I had eyebrows like Brooke Shields. A little more refined though.

I was always embarrassed as they were there in my face, on my face. You know what it’s like, there’s always something about yourself you don’t like. For me it was Brows.

However I never needed to pluck or wax as they were in fact pretty perfect in shape. I just never appreciated that fact at the time.

I don’t know if any of you women have noticed, as men lose the hair on their heads, we get thinning eyebrows. Fact. Oh and our pubes get thinner and apparently grey.

Now I don’t generally check my pubes out, I mean I don’t particularly stare at my vag as a rule, but I have noticed that thinning thing.

So, let me tell you, there is a plus to it, no wasting money on waxing! Clearly old age has its plus points.

Back to the brows. As you age they tend to thin. Only the previously lush browed people notice this fact as the others who spend their lives pencilling, notice nothing.

So when A R T E popped these brows in the Blogtex, I was laughing so much, because I though OMG brows!!!!

Hence the face because I’m like “I’d love these now in RL. Past the credits you will see a picture of me back in the day. Yes back in the day I was modelling and a very 80’s chick who had brow phobia. Oh and Marie Osmond hair!


Ida eyebrows from A R T E

Lux eyeshadow from A R T E

Soft Lashes from A R T E

Allisa lipstick from Amara Beauty

Rose hair from Magika

Genus baby bento head from GENUS

Angel shape for the Catya head LizBitz

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Ava  skin in fair  from  Amara Beauty

4 thoughts on “Call me Eyebrows!

  1. Oh lala! Look at you! Bubbly Beauty Queen! As for the “brow” thingy as yours my rl brows are just about perfect other then a few strays here and there but in SL my brows are horrible…long story…. LOL As for getting older and the benefits I’ll have wait a few years and get back to you. PS: I didn’t know about the pubes thing I’ll have to delicately bring up the subject with mom when my dad & brothers aren’t around 😛

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      1. Well you are still a beauty my friend and noooo I won’t spill the beans on who told about that “certain thing” 😛 Mom is stunning for her age I hope I look 1/2 as good as she does when I’m her age!

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