Presents from who?

Last night I got home from work and found the most god almighty present from one of my cats on my pillow.

You’re thinking mouse, bird or some other creature aren’t you?

Well bearing in mind my cats are solely indoor Ragdoll cats, other creatures are very unlikely, apart from the odd insect that braves it’s chances.

No, I came home to an entire contents of a fur ball bonanza vomit on my pillow.

I guess I should feel grateful it wasn’t the carpet, which is cream and a cow to clean.

Still, I felt somewhat violated in that moment as I held both Tippi’s and Bondi’s gaze, asking which one did it.

It appears neither are willing to admit it and I’m left pending a cat investigation as to who decided to furball vomit where I lay my head.

Investigation ongoing, all suspects have been questioned, but have denied the accusation…..



Bea dress from Enigma now at the Spotlight Event

Glam on Eyeshadow from A R T E

Sweet gloss lips from A R T E

Combat boots from ::ROC::

Catya bento head from CATWA

Angel shape for the Catya head LizBitz

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Christy dark skin Lara Hurley

Taken on location at ..::Sol Existence::..,


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