Coffee from my bed

Woke up threw up and came back to bed. That's all I'm saying. The video was done clearly before I felt this way but then consider that good as well you wouldn't have wanted to listen to that. Goodnight again . Video:- Credits:- Tayga outfit from Enigma at the Spotlight Event (It has a hud!) Lorelay [...]

Green house on the hill

I visited the little house with the Green windows on the hill. Its kind of like stepping into a colouring book and being part of a fantasy. Not sure whats behind the green door. One day I aim to find out. Still its a nice place to come and talk to people and just find [...]

Presents from who?

Presents from who?

Last night I got home from work and found the most god almighty present from one of my cats on my pillow.You're thinking mouse, bird or some other creature aren't you?Well bearing in mind my cats are solely indoor Ragdoll cats, other creatures are very unlikely, apart from the odd insect that braves it's chances.No, [...]