Be that as it may

I feel like my pixel girl, The Walking Dead. My plans of lazing in bed and catching up on sleep have thus far failed as my internal body clock kept waking me all night. I'm actually still in bed as I write this, trying to decide if I close my eyes and give it another [...]

All in my head

I must be dreaming, time to go back to work already? Video:- Credits:- Menthe Skirt with fishnet tights from Bijou (this has a colour hud) Excited boots from Bijou Fur coat from Kaithleens Charlotte hair from Analog Dog If I could pose from Luanes World at the XXX Event Catya bento head from CATWA Angel [...]

Miss Isa

I feel a bit like Clare in Outlander with this dress. So I’ve been patiently waiting for Season 3 and it’s out. But after watching the trailers on You Tube I remember how I came to watch this in the first place. A friend recorded the series for me. Darn it’s not on my television [...]


Someone wake me up from the slumber I feel. Actually I am awake but certainly not functioning on full capacity yet. It’s been 2 hours and I’m thinking soon I may wake up! All week I’ve been so asleep /awake and I’m starting to think that this must all be part of being asleep? It’s [...]

Smell those roses

Sometimes you have to sit back and smell the roses. Well today it is so not smelling of roses. We have had some stink emitting from the work fridge and despite everyone moaning about it no one has bothered to look what it could be. So me being me, I just cant help myself. I [...]

#SecondLifeChallenge – My Zodiac Sign

So I decided to participate in Strawberry Singh's latest challenge. Zodiac!! I couldn't access my star sign on the same site so found some others and these facts. But you can find all that I talk about here 21 facts about the Aquarian Now the video....... Video:- Credits :- Milly hair from enVOGUE Passion [...]

Be your wench?

Not much to be said today as I’m mostly exhausted and desperate to get off this bus and climb back into my bed. Instead I’ll be sat at my desk wishing the day away to get back home again. Am I a wench? Well I actually checked out the word on good old google. ( [...]