Summer daze

Today I won’t ramble about the things I can’t do as it then I’ll be guilty of whining or moaning or any other term we use when a record is stuck on one subject.

Suffice to say my right hand/arm is currently taking quite a hammering this past week making up for the useless left.

So instead I’m going to dwell on the good things.

The genuine SL and RL people who have either logged in to check on me or as one does in the real world phoned or visited.

This experience has taught me how I place at times value in the wrong people and overlook those that I shouldn’t.

After all it’s the people that arrive in your hours of need that are the genuine people.

I have so many friends on my RL and SL friends lists and yet in one hand the true value of those friendships become abundantly clear.

I think the superficiality of social media etc is so that people only step in and out at their leisure or whim.  But the real human side is the side we are all guilty of neglecting.

Which leads me to the fact that there are so many elderly or disabled people out there in worse circumstances than me and are completely alone.

I’m currently having a taste of what it’s like to need people.

I can’t even imagine how they must feel when they have no one they can turn to or rely on to do the simple things we all take for granted. Washing ourselves, going to the toilet, brushing your own hair, etc.

I think despite my own internal misery I’ve been feeling and still am to a degree, I realise how lucky I am really.

I know once my shoulder has healed, I’ll be back at work as normal, fetching cups of tea for visiting friends, picking up my grandson.

But, there are some that this is a permanent way of life.

My heart actually breaks knowing that.

You don’t understand someone’s plight till you have walked a few steps in their shoes. I’ve done a few shadow steps and frankly I’m totally grateful that this is a passing period. I hope it is at any rate.

I will be in August wearing  my summer outfit, heading to Toulouse on my summer week away in RL. Well I hope anyhow.

I do like that you can in SL get suitcases to match your clothes. Hmmmmm I wonder……..


Senna Bon voyage outfit from Hilly Haalan available at the Designer Showcase

Sweet gloss from A R T E  at the Chapter Four

Catya bento head from CATWA

Angel shape for the Catya head LizBitz

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Christy dark skin Lara Hurley 

Filmed on location at Corlevoli Beach

hold my hat.jpg

2 thoughts on “Summer daze

  1. Yes, there’s genuine folks who want to make friends on social media and those who are only there for the clicks. I don’t know the percentages but I’d like to guess that the former is much less than the latter. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So true. In both worlds but I’m guessing that’s the nature of social media.
      Today I can move my arm about 2 inches away from my body so this is all positive 😊
      I’m going to take your advice and see an osteopath perhaps, but not till next week when I’m a little more pliable. I don’t do well with pain let me tell you lol


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