Thelma suggests fashion

Thelma is vlogging in the snow. There's an outfit and a tent. Will she freeze out there? Video:- Credits:- Agnes sweater from [Rouly] at the Equal10 Event Kayce track pants from Frais at the Equal10 Event Regan sneakers from EQUAL at the Equal10 Event Canopy tent a 2018 holiday gift edition  from Raindale Sira [...]

Hippy days?

My mind says dance but my body is saying go back to sleep. Good morning Sunday. I'm not happy you woke me but it would be totally remiss of me not to arrive without some enthusiasm. I wonder how many are still asleep around the world or haven't made it to bed yet? The thing [...]

Snow camping

I think it's highly likely I might get a chance to erect my teepee in the snow!! Well in my imagination regards the teepee but not regards the snow! Apparently it is going to come as this storm Caroline whips up over the next 24 hours. I almost feel like the weather lady now as [...]

The Bakery

Firstly thank you to all the folk who watched Coffee with Isa yesterday and reached out. And now for something light hearted and SL So the Builders Box is producing some gorgeous virtual homes for us. I have to say I’m always truly amazed at what can be created in the virtual world. Today I [...]