Just out in the snow

I had a great conversation a few days ago which really perked me up. Was a lady from work and we had a really good talk about how I’ve been feeling and where my brain is at the moment.

It did me the power of good and helped me to see that there are many things that I’m going through that I am not alone. In fact, it helped me see the wood for the trees.

Now I’ll get on with today.


So I logged in and popped to Luanes to take this picture. then came the video.


Leather pants no 5 from EXxeSs at the Cosmopolitan Event

Top no 7 from ExXeSS

Daphne skin from AMARA

Ora head from Lelutka

Gen.X – Curvy body from Belleza

Image courtesy using Flickr

Sho on location at Luanes

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