Hot chocolate

My reality right now is this picture drinking the hot chocolate. Though I’m in my pyjamas and hair is messy.

I’m struggling with getting dressed lately. It’s I guess part of what I’m going through. I don’t feel like being “seen” at all.

Last time I stepped outside was a week ago to go have my blood tests. Other than that I really spend much of my every days right now on my own, in my pyjamas and doing a lot of contemplation.

Is the contemplation resulting in anything? Not really, as who has all the answers, I know I don’t. Feeling this out of touch with myself is a strange feeling. It’s like there’s a section of me that hovers directly in front but the majority of “me” is so far removed it’s over the other end of the room somewhere.

I just can’t connect the two. Hot chocolate is a true comfort drink. Reminds me of being young and my mum giving me a hug to stop me from crying when I fell over. Only thing is, she never did. That was my imagination.


Sweet Vicotry outfit from Entice for the Saturday Sale

Nine colours for The Saturday Sale
– Plaid Lilac, Fall, Aqua, Grey, Ombre Lilac, Prism, Lilac, Ocean, Rose
– 75L each

150L each, 325L Fatpacks, 1200 MegaFatpack

Daphne skin from  AMARA

Alias hair from Truth

Avery Necklace from Kibitz

Ora head from Lelutka

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Image courtesy using Flickr

Enjoy Autumn pose from Focus Poses

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