My best fur friend passed away last night. One moment Bondi was doing his normal dash around like the lunatic he always is and the next he screamt and fell to the ground. It was over in moments.

My heart is broken today and sad right now. I will miss him so much.

Bondi was diagnosed with HCM a congenital heart condition when he was a few months old.

They said he would never live past 2 years of age. He proved them all wrong because on October 23 Bondi and his sister Tippi turned 9 years of age.

I guess I became so used to his ways I believed he would last forever. I’m extremely thankful that his passing was done in a happy state and there was no suffering.

He was wrapped in his favourite towel he used to lay on when I was working and this morning my son buried him where the roses will next bloom.

I’ve gone all my life without losing a pet from death. It’s always to a new home or having to move away. The pain is exactly the same as losing a person. It hurts and you imagine their faces as you last saw them. His was staring at me yesterday as I knew he was saying goodbye. I’ll never forget him.

He brought me companionship through all my dark times and I’ll miss him always.

2 thoughts on “Bondi

  1. “never live past 2 years”
    Huh? All our friends’ and neighbours’ nekos tend to live much longer, if not overrun by cars or stuff. Between 15 – 18 years is normal, no?
    I only had one pet, a budgie. He was trampled to death by my ignorant mum. 😐

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