Get me into the red carpet

I am meant to be in bed relaxing for a good night sleep. Am I heck!

Denzel Washington and the film The Equalizer are stopping me. Looks like a late night for me because I love a good Denzel film.

The red carpet look I think is also quite apt for this post as I’m projecting Hollywood on the white carpet as my acting skills haven’t quite made it any further.

Actually before sitting down to watch this film I’ve been doing a bit of Harriet filming. Looking forward to editing as something about her feels incredibly natural to me despite the fact I’m not British at all.

I love the madness of my immersion. Though I’m sure at times some may think I need sectioning,


Andrea Satin dress from Alter at the Designer Showcase

Sparks bag from [DDL]

Alani hair from Sintiklia

Manon skin from the Skinnery in toffee

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Image courtesy using Flickr

In My Soul Backdrop from Bearded Guy

2 thoughts on “Get me into the red carpet

  1. “Get me into the red carpet”
    When you linger ON the red carpet for too long the props dept will roll the red carpet up and you’re INTO it. Voila! 😉

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