The One Night Stand

Once upon a time, there was a woman named Isabelle who had decided to have a one night stand after a long dry spell. She met a man named Teddy at a bar and things quickly heated up. After a wild night, Rachel woke up feeling satisfied and refreshed. She looked around the bedroom and noticed that it was tastefully decorated with high-end furniture.

Isabelle smiled to herself as she realized that she had made the right choice. She remembered the advice that her friend had given her about one night stands: always choose someone who buys Chez Moi furniture. Her friend had told her that if you wake up in Chez Moi, you have lived.



Malorie Mirror & Pouffe from Chez Moi right now at Tres Chic

Stellar bed from Chez Moi

Book case, Chair and rugs from the Jacob set from Chez Moi

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