Why do you escape

Listen to Sweet Child o mine while reading this. You will get my feels today .

I’m at a crossroads in life right now. I’ve not mentioned my health for a few weeks lest it gets pretty boring. Which for me it does. I’m sure it does for my readers too. But humour me.

Shoulder update. So I’d love to say it’s all healed and perfect but it is not. Unlike other times this time the constant pain subsided but certain movements send a harsh pain into the joint.

A sudden lift of the arm or reaching for something. So I’m having to concede this may be a very long time of off and on discomfort. My lower spine is also playing up after a few years of just being quiet. Only when I sleep mind you. Right at the section where the spine ends and the bottom begins. The most excruciating pain for seconds at a time. Only in bed.

A sudden movement in bed in my sleep, man it really doesn’t like that at all.

My crossroads are, turn left and accept this is life, turn right and accept this is life but with a caveat of live it the best way, or speed up and plough through it and bump everything out my way. Choices!!!

Aging is one thing. Aging with health issues is another. I find it difficult to accept and I’m at the stage where I’m panicking that “hang on I haven’t finished living just yet!!”

My journey of escape into virtual worlds is one that’s both cathartic to me for many reasons. Majorly escapism. But I relish my alone. I feel it’s my little world where I get to try leave behind realities absolute yukkiness and venture into some kind of almost meditation.

I don’t know anyone else like me as most like to hang with people etc, I choose my solitude. It is healing in many ways.

What do you escape to do?

Today I’m a beautiful sophisticated woman deciding which shelves I shall unpack those boxes too.


Jersey girl dress from IM Collection

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

Zoe hair from DOUX

Manon skin from the Skinnery in toffee

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Image courtesy using Flickr

Walk in closet from Foxcity

Coming Home pose from Foxcity

Moving boxes from Atelier Burgundy

Flame Makeup from Identify

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