Life’s dance

Fly be free and dance your best dance. Well that should be the standard way to live life, alas it is not.

My life is lived by the seat of my pants day by day, minute by minute. Hoping suddenly all the pieces will slot into place and a few dreams come true.

My reality is far removed from the hope. So I’ll just take each minute at a time.

I’m having a very low period at the moment. I’ve been signed off work and told to do things to make me feel happy and less worried about life. Not sure on that as part of this is losing the happiness in the things I enjoy.

I’m not sure that’s possible at the moment. Everywhere I look hangs a dark colour right now. My sons wedding was a few days of elation and happiness. Then reality stepped back again and I’m not sure where I am at the moment.

Is it menopause or am I just sad. I don’t really know. For now I’ll probably step back a bit from a lot of things to figure out what it is I’m trying to figure out and what will lift this heavy feeling.

My saviour has always been my blog and my videos. Where I can disappear and just run from the world. Thing is though, I still have to come back. I probably will take a step back just because I need to find my happiness in the daily life.

I don’t mean to sound sad but I’d be lying if I said right now I was ecstatic with joy. Too many things in life can form a giant cloud. I want to chip through that before my family notice if anything.

But check my avatar out. She looks totally fabulous right now.


Aisha shirt from Ghee at the Designer Showcase

Leather pants no 3 from eXxEsS

Daphne skin from  AMARA

Claire necklace from [ kunst ]

Kiara hair from DOUX

Ora head from Lelutka

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Image courtesy using Flickr

Pink lighting room backdrop from Bearded Guy

Hugh Hip hop dances from Paragon Dance Animations

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