New me?

I had a bit of a mix it up on the weekend. Firstly I got head.

Secondly I got chubbier.

Virtually of course. Minds out the gutters people!

Sadly I’ve moved to a Lelutka head. I mean that very sadly because I love my catwa head, however there have been no updates I’ve noticed and there are less and less choices for skins and makeups these days.

I truly am sad about it because I felt she was “me”. Not saying I don’t love my Lelutka head. Actually I love all the expressiveness and how structured the face looks.

Anyhow, I’m in slow transformation, tweaking till I get her spot on.

Secondly I succumbed to the new Belleza body which actually looks good. It’s not my permanent body of choice but for when I need to blog items I can hop into my body bag and whip her out! It’s a lovely body but why did it take so long to update.

On top of that let me state the cost is huge at $5,500L and sadly not everyone has money to burn. I clearly thought I had on the weekend when I purchased her and clothes to wear. Again though I buy bodies specifically for blogging.

Currently I’m Maitreya, Legacy, Belleza and Erika by Kalhene.

Now can I just say out of all the bodies I own right now, I’m going to be honest if I want curves, Erika is amazing. If you haven’t tried a demo to check her out, go do so. What you get in the box is more than just bodies. Lots of skins, eye colours and even head! Eyes, basic clothing and little pee pee if you want to be a dude in the nether regions.

Kalhene had the first animated Vag as part of the body and bouncy animated ass and boobies.To me in terms of bang for your buck as the saying goes you get great value. Slowly more and more creators are making for her.

At $2,995L and constant updates, you have to ask yourself why haven’t I tried it out yet!!!

Go and try a demo at Kalhene

In the meantime admire my look for today.

I don’t blog for anyone in this post. This is just me giving it my thoughts.


Melody sweatpants from Miu at the Belleza

Bella top from Promagic at the Belleza

Masuza hair from [^.^Ayashi^.^]

Daphne skin from  AMARA

Ora head from Lelutka

Gen.X – Curvy body from Belleza

Image courtesy using Flickr

2 thoughts on “New me?

  1. I recently went out and got redeliveries of some of the previous mesh heads I’ve used from EVE, GA:EG & Catwa respectively.

    The EVE’olution head was dirt-cheap as it was still in beta back in 2016(?) when I purchased it, the princely sum of L$850 if I remember right. It was nice but I moved on because there weren’t any updates.

    GA:EG’s Barbera head was the one I wore the most, and the one I enjoyed using most. I don’t know if they’re still doing it, but group membership netted you quite a large discount on their products, and I know I made up the group join fee several times over. 🙂 Their HUDs aren’t designed like the cockpit of a Boeing 747, and I actually kept their Facial Expression HUD plus all the expressions I’d bought and installed even after moving on, it was that good!

    I only bought the Catwa HDPRO Queen head because it was on flash-sale for just L$1 — there’s no way I’d have paid full whack for one of their heads! I can see why they charge those prices, the head is top quality, but ho boy the HUD gives me nightmares still!

    Of course, now I rock out with a SKNK Vasaran alien head — basic HUD, no BOM (which makes sense since it’s an alien head), but that doesn’t matter because a) it’s fully modifiable, b) I could use their Photoshop template to skin it myself. 😀

    As far as bodies go, I tried Kalhene’s Analexa and if I was rocking out with my cawk out (if you get my meaning *wink*) and more of my fave Maitreya outfits fitted I would definitely roll with that, but sadly I’m staying with Lara because it just works, version 5 is way lighter now and I have the biggest choice of clothing and accessories, for now. I do have PsiCorp’s Astra Nova androgynous body, and plan on creating a custom skin for both that and my head in the new year, but that’ll also be my cue to relearn Blender and start making my own clothes, because otherwise I’ll be butt-nekkid when I’m wearing it. 😦

    Then again, that’s one upside of using non-mainstream mesh, provided you’ve got the templates, you can roll your own look with them. And it will probably work out cheaper than buying skins, tats, clothes and accessories that only work with the one body or head. I’ve stopped following the fashion trends, I’m making my own darling! *flaunts* 😀

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    1. Lol you crack me up laughing at “rocking the cawk” 🤣🤣🤣😂
      I’ve had enough bodies and heads to last a lifetime. This weekend I’m moving in pixel planet and doing up a land. Challenge to myself 😁


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