My Fibro fog plan

So today I came up with a genius idea to deal with my Fibro fog which lately has been pretty much increasing.

Daily I’m tired and feel like everything I do is a huge effort. Things have been changing in my body as well. My one elbow has a funny moment now and then and two fingers like to snap into position when using them. Honestly then I have to unbend them after use.

I laugh about it but I’m also guessing it’s arthritis setting in. Nothing I’ve experienced before. Honestly aging and having this Fibro nonsense really gives me angst some days. I’m just not ready for all this just yet.

So, back to my genius plan. Every afternoon after work I have to sleep. It started once or twice a week but it’s now every single day. It was really getting to me that I’d nap, wake up and feel I was losing my day. Today at lunch I didn’t have lunch. I lay on my sofa, set my alarm and went to sleep for lunch.

Omg that was so refreshing and really helped me with working the rest of the day. So that will be my lunch breaks from now, refreshing so my day is better.

I mean it doesn’t miraculously mean I don’t feel so lethargic, but at least in order to work better it does help. I then after work am not losing daylight and am more alert.

I don’t know if many of my readers suffer Fibro as well. It certainly is such a hidden syndrome and people can’t understand because they can’t see how you feel. I find that hard as peoples patience when you really can’t face doing something is not very understanding. In fact unless you suffer it, not many people do understand or even think it is real.

Well it is. No day is ever the same as the next and if it’s not the pain or the Fog you feel, it’s the mixed emotional feelings of being up and down.

The outfit look is below. Plus the spot I took the photo.


Grease dress and Jacker from GHEE at the Designer Showcase

Calliope necklace from Heartsdale Jewellery at the Designer Showcase

Glazed lipstick from Beaumore

Matsuri hair from [^.^Ayashi^.^]

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

Eline skin in beige  AMARA

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Image courtesy using Flickr

Shot on location at Bellas Lullaby

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