Just waiting

Just waiting

It’s been 3 days since I put in my formal request to work from home. I haven’t even had an acknowledgement.

It’s called flexible working. There are great business positives for it and I’ve addressed all the cons in the application so they’re answered before the questions arise.

However the most important reason for me is the difference it will make to my quality of life.

I would literally save 2.5 hours travelling time. I’d have control over my work environment which is the huge factor and I’d have better concentration.

Anyone who has this Fibro malarkey will know that some days you feel your age and then others you feel 100 years old. The pain in your body is real and finding your comfort spot can be hard.

I struggle with this in the office because I can not control my environment. I can’t sit with the sun on me and the window wide open. I can’t regularly move from my desk as often as I need to and most of all I cannot think because the fog becomes pretty intense.

The fog is getting worse for me. It’s such a weird experience that I still cannot fathom it.

It exists and comes over like a mist. Hangs over me for hours then all of a sudden lifts.

I can literally go from being beyond exhaustion to suddenly saying g’day.

So back to the waiting……


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Coffee again and Fibromyalgia

Coffee again and  Fibromyalgia

Todays Coffee with Isa is one I was asked to talk about and took me a number of times to sit down and talk about without getting all emotional and blubby.

I still managed to do that but I spare you those visuals by overlaying my pixel woman.

It is a condition I do have and was diagnosed nearly 4 years ago ish. Well early 2015 to be exact but I had been living with and flaring up over and over since August 2012 when it came out.

We all know at least one person with this condition, that has been diagnosed or will soon be diagnosed. Its a condition that you cant always see by looking at a person, sometimes you can.

I have included information for various sources of advice on this condition  at the bottom of this blog under the credits for those who don’t understand the condition and want to understand it more.

I have tried to include as many as that I feel for me personally are relevant and those I’m currently looking at taking into account the larger of my reader bases which is UK, USA and Australia.



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Shot on location at Whimberley and my living room

Sources of Fibromyalgia information :-

NHS England  

Arhtritus research UK

Fibromyalgia Action group

Emerge Australia  and  Health Direct Australia

CDC United States and NFA United States

Ayla Pants showed me an interesting site Im currently looking at DR Ginevra Liptan who is United States based.