My Fibro fog plan

My Fibro fog plan

So today I came up with a genius idea to deal with my Fibro fog which lately has been pretty much increasing. Daily I’m tired and feel like everything I do is a huge effort. Things have been changing in my body as well. My one elbow has a funny moment now and then and [...]

This day

The picture doesn't give away my story. So I'll tell you about it. I'm sat on the bus headed home and part of me is smiling and the other part is a little in disbelief. Today I had a meeting and instead of walking out feeling how I thought I might. The outcome was far [...]

Coffee again and Fibromyalgia

Todays Coffee with Isa is one I was asked to talk about and took me a number of times to sit down and talk about without getting all emotional and blubby. I still managed to do that but I spare you those visuals by overlaying my pixel woman. It is a condition I do have [...]

She pouts.

It's Thursday and I'm as always on my bus ride to work.  I'm due to spend most of my day in union related meetings. I've decided this cannot possibly be, as I'm far from being really awake today. I'm actually rarely that alert anyhow due to a low B12 deficiency which can affect memory as [...]