The bad shopper

Since the whole pandemic malarkey have you found you have become an Amazon shopper? It was the saviour of so many of us when we were more or less ordered to stay home and not step a foot near another living soul!

I still sit here and wonder what was all that about, that surreal moment in my living history.

It’s been two years now and I haven’t let go of that “habit”. Yes I refer to it as a habit because let’s face it Amazon shopping is truly a bad habit. it’s not better quality and it’s not a better price at all!! It’s just convenient.

My goodness I can give prime examples of how overcharged you are for that convenience.. But I won’t bore you with the exhaustive list.

In fact it’s far too convenient and today I woke up and decided, time to pull the sticky plaster off and do away with the “bad habit”. Time to face the world of shops again, time to feel the shopping bag full after browsing.

Just like this picture, time to shop again and look for bargains. Let’s face it, now we have to tighten our purses real hard and buy only what we need.

Thank goodness for our virtual world. At least you can still pretend that life hasn’t changed much.


Mercy Jumpsuit from LRD at the Designer Showcase

Bianca necklace from Orsini

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

Mia lipstick from Beaumore

TZ0912 hair from WINGS

Eline skin in beige  AMARA

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Image courtesy using Flickr

Amitie Shopping Day pose from Amitie

Riad backdrom from Minimal

10 thoughts on “The bad shopper

  1. I nuked my original Amazon account a few years ago and tried shopping elsewhere. It’s hard to do online — not only is Amazon usually the first search result, but at least one of the alternative bookstores I took my business to… turns out to be owned by Amazon. Plus, most reviews and recommendations link to Amazon because there’s a small commission in return.

    I eventually opened a new Amazon account, but only for use as a last resort. I use Bookshop whenever possible so I support independent bookstores, and buy most of my music direct from artists via Bandcamp.

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    1. Good idea. Honestly I sat down yesterday after having an online spat with them as a book I ordered wasn’t delivered but they said it delivered.
      I checked with all my neighbours in the building and nope not received.
      I had the customer service saying oh I need to allow time for it to arrive but in the next breath stating it’s been delivered! I think at that point I realised what a painful process it is as a customer, how they overcharge and that I need to do my best to stop giving them all my custom.
      Sadly this book is only available via them so I’m expecting it!!
      I’m going to try going back to the basics and shopping around.
      A example of something I found. A pack of wall tile stickers cost £2.50 off SHEIN. For the exact same ones Amazon are charging up to £18!!!
      So I’m going to become a thrift shopper when I find things and see where I can save. Convenience isn’t free either so I’m learning that lesson fast.
      Have a lovely Sunday 😊

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  2. “Sadly this book is only available via them so I’m expecting it!!”

    Humbug! In Germany you can order every book in every retail bookshop, from big chain to the smallest mom n pop cornershop. It usually takes a couple days to deliver but it will come.

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      1. Aaaaand … so why dontcha?
        Covid is over and out, we can move freely again and frequent local stores and support the local economy.

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      2. Because I’m kinda scared. I’m looking at other ways and many small businesses are online now as it saves them in business costs so that’s good.After having a bout of covid this past fortnight I am I have to admit more wary but also excited to get semblance of life back. It’s the other people I don’t trust lol

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      3. Huh? So if those idiots get close to you it’s more dangerous than you getting close to them?

        I say it again and again, since at least the beginning of the pandemic: Social contacts and families are nonsense and must be avoided. That way we’re through with the virus in 3 mths. Now look at what you peoplepeople and partypeople and biznizpeople have done. 😦

        /me shakes her noggin in frustration and drags her knuckles back into the hermit cage.

        Soooo, this was enough social interaction for one day. Laterz xoxo

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      4. Lol me social? lol
        Normal to me is life. No longer normal to me is mass crowds.
        The rules on the virus have stopped here.
        No choices on who you encounter etc as govt made it free for all. My life is far from normal. But I can’t live like this forever as that’s a damn horrid way to live the rest of my life.
        I caught covid by seeing my close friends. The only people I see (3) apart from my kids.

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      5. “I caught covid by seeing my close friends. The only people I see (3) apart from my kids.”

        See? Don’t do that and you’ll be fine. Honestly: Fuk ppl, fuk families if needs be. The little social contact got you Covid. It’s not worth it.

        We have telephones and the internet and Second Life. That’s already too much for me.

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