The cats love

The story of how the cat loves you.

Don’t be surprised it’s a beautiful story. Perfectly normal for her to dress in her best frock and tell you all about it.

Sit back and enjoy.



Dami shrug dress (various colours) from Celestinas at the Designer Showcase

Mysteria crown from Astralia ( I have had this a number of years and believe it was an event gift)

Sphynx head and skin from Bespoke Caravan

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Image courtesy using Flickr

2 thoughts on “The cats love

  1. Laughs, so true!

    I had a look at the Alien Observer head from Bespoke last year, but passed on it because while it looks awesome (and supports Bakes On Mesh) it would probably freak people out if I wore it out shopping or DJ-ing, doubly so if I visited any Gorean sims to do shows for Gorean Whip Radio! 😛

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