The Ted Talk

I’m a pretty honest person. My thoughts always eventually appear on my lips. I don’t believe in keeping those thoughts to myself in favour of an easy life.

At times I’ll sit and procrastinate over them for a while, in both worlds. Usually that’s because I question myself first and have to mull them over and make sure I have my facts right before I speak. Then I speak.

Strangely in both worlds yesterday I had my say. I’m sure those thoughts will invoke a negative reaction but I’m prepared for that always. I believe you need to always speak your truth. Otherwise you are stuck in the mind going over and over.

Believe me it’s taken time to speak. It wasn’t a last minute thought. It was a decision.

I said I would make no new years resolutions, but I promised myself to think of myself and enter this next chapter of life taking more charge of my inner mental health and speaking out for myself and not just for others.

Again my new motto Know your worth.



Calista leggings and top (has an amazing hud) from IM Collection at the Designer Showcase

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

Solstice hair from Truth

Rachel Lipstick from Beaumore

Eline skin from AMARA

Reflectice eyes from Amara

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Image courtesy using Flickr

4 thoughts on “The Ted Talk

  1. One of the good things about working at Gorean Whip Radio as a DJ and Manager is that I’m appreciated and thanked for the work I do, particularly when I jump in to fix an issue when other managers are offline/asleep. It’s entirely voluntary, although we get a cash bonus at Christmas from the station owner by way of thanks. But honestly, I value the camaraderie a lot more, and that’s why I’m no headed into my fifth year at the station. I get to play what I like twice a week, share it with others online, and have a giggle doing special events like dance exhibitions, combat tournaments, or simulcasting from places like BURN2 or Second Pride — what’s not to like?

    I’ve stepped back from shopping entirely since November last year, and it had left me with so much more time to spend exploring, going to music events and art exhibitions, hanging out with friends or just sitting at home decorating or eyerolling at stuff I acquired years ago and now wonder what possessed me. 😛 I’ll occasionally pop into shopping events for ideas or to people-watch, but will only buy if I can demo it first and make sure it’s something I’ll actually use. (Side-note: no-mod items are a PITA, especially if they’re loaded with scripts.)

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  2. Sometimes even I get a bit overwhelmed by all the shopping events in SL and I’m a diehard shopaholic in SL & RL, I’ve even been known to shop online while shopping in and out of SL at the same time. Your sentiment is much appreciated I wish LL would focus on other events other then shopping and spending money. Lately I found that I have been more selective about the shopping events I do attend and I’m feeling a less sense of urgency in the whole mess! So well said my friend! Hugzz!

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    1. Thank you. Yup there is way more to second life than shopping. What a sad world we live in if that was all we get to look forward to.
      I’m a secret SHEIN shopper lol
      But making sure about not overspending is smart. I think the whole shopping thing will slowly ebb within the next year. In reality many people cannot afford the vanity overspend as let’s face it the whole financial reality is looking bleak at the moment. It’s a phase and then will come along a new emphasise. You see this often.
      I love doing my own thing as you know because it’s me and it’s lasting. No fad. Just passion. X💕


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