Psychic sarah

Psychic Sarah was a conversation Rosie and I had the other day. I wanted to create a new character that’s just as batty as my others and Rosie came up with the name.

Today is her first video so be kind and gentle with her because she is the first time let out to reveal her magnificent skills.

On another note the seating is from Raindale and although I am on a kind of break I thought I would blog this nice setting . It does come with snow clumps but as I chose a garden green scene it wasn’t used.

Other news I was meant to start Keto but decided to try something different. I’ll detail it in my next blog as I’m about to crash, I only started today so nothing much to tell as yet,

Night all and enjoy Sarah..,,



Whitefield outside set from Raindale at the Cosmopolitan Event (please note this also has snow mounds but for the backdrop I didn’t place)

Gabby dress from Hilly Hansen

Bountiful eyeshadow and lipstick from Cazimi

Erika Mesh Body from Kalhene

My own shape

Lullaby hair from Truth

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