Coffee and things to say

Just sitting relaxing here. Sending my non blog but vlog out into the universe.

Feel free to listen if you have the time. I always have things to say I just basically love a chin wag.

I’m not one to just blog an outfit and “job done”. There’s no value of my time if that was all I did. So I hope I add to the value with words either written or spoken.

I’m embracing Christmas already I know . I’m just so over Halloween I wanted to get momentarily festive. So excuse me for the indulgence.

Have a lovely rest of the evening.



Pippa blazer from I M Collection at the Designer Showcase

Knit tights from Bowtique

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

Oribe hair from DOUX

Liquor lip gloss from Beaumore

Aloha eyeshadow from Veechi

Eline skin in beige  AMARA

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Image courtesy using Flickr

2 thoughts on “Coffee and things to say

  1. Sorry to hear about the problem neighbour. I went onto the SL Land Auction system to snag some Mainland for myself, then got some neighbouring abandoned land to increase my plot size. As it’s on top of a plateau, there’s not many other occupied areas around me. There is a road down below, but I decided I didn’t want to pay the premium for land by a road or water. So far I’m not putting up ban lines, although I do have a tall reflective wall around the perimeter just to keep some privacy (and boost the framerate.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol oh my neighbour issues get worse lol
      To be honest it makes me chuckle really.
      Reminds me of those tv programs where neighbours do daft things to each other for the help of it. Yeah I find prices are ridiculous. So I was pretty pleased to pick mine up at the price I did,
      I’ve turned it into the winter place for all friends to pop over to for the hell of it. I actually have beachland as it is where I do set ups for a lot of filming etc
      Less lag


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