An Icetastrophe

I just watched a film called Icetasrophe.

What a complete waste of time in my life that was. Seriously I can’t imagine it did much at the box office!

I love a good Armageddon / Mother Nature disaster film but sadly this was just a little so so.

Made me think more how much despite me dreaming of snow, I’m starting to yearn for lazy sunshine days by the beach now.

It’s something to look forward to and frankly if I can’t get to the beach I have a lake I can relax by and enjoy the warmer weather when it comes. Let’s hope it hurries along so I can languish like my avatar.

Though cannot say the sight of me in the same outfit as my avatar would be the same. To be fair I can guarantee it won’t.


Ruby Tuesday outfit from Entice for the Saturday Sale

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

Love you more hair from DALGONA at the EQUAL10 Event

Kinky Eyeshadow from Velour

Monica HD lipstick from Velour

Eline skin from AMARA

Reflectice eyes from Amara

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Shot on location at Luanes World

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