My Boobies feel good today!

I have my boobie scan next week.

The excitement of someone flipping my mammaries onto the cold plate while they get totally squished and I again get to feel like a cow about to be milked! It fills me with delight. No not really.

Too much information I know, but it is the reality of what we women as we get older have to do on a regular basis.

Breast screening is one of those must do regular health checks that we have in order to catch anything untoward early and get it under control.

I won’t stress how important it is that we have those regular check ups and don’t avoid them when they come up.

Breast cancer is something that ultimately can kill you and if caught early the outcome is far more positive.

So is regular checking of your boobies every day. Cop a feel in the shower when soaping yourself and get to know how your boobies feel.

Then regularly check yourself so you can detect any changes at the earliest.

Breast cancer isn’t just for us oldies either. Or just women. Men are known to also suffer and so let’s just all feel together and not be embarrassed to say.



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2 thoughts on “My Boobies feel good today!

  1. My mum got offered a breast screening in 2018 as part of a trial program aimed at women over 75, and the scan revealed small amounts of malign tissue. She had a biopsy, then a larger one, and finally a mastectomy because the alternative would have been lots of chemotherapy, and this was when my dad was terminally ill and needed all of us to support him. Thankfully, she was given the all-clear last year.


    1. Bless her. Awful thing to go through. I’ve had a limp sitting in my Brady a number of years but it’s benign. I still feel it and check on it in case it does change,
      I think breast screening is so important. I’m glad your mum is good now.


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