::Oops:: its Sunday again

Sunday evening and the weekend has just nearly come to the end for all of us. Tomorrow is another day and I am just wondering what the new week holds. I will avoid the papers and the news and concentrate on all the good frivolous things we can enjoy instead. Happy Sunday …. Credits:- Save [...]

The COCO Doll

The last few days I decided I would play around with my Coco dolls and get a photo. I've taken a break this weekend from representing the stores I blog with and just having a chilled creative moment. My new characters for the new 2019 videos appeared in my most recent Harriet/dance video. Strangely enough [...]


Its nearly that time again and everything has gone all spooky and sending shivers up the spine. I went on a ride in the Linden realms. Lucky I made it back out as there were far too many grizzly sights to behold on that little coffin ride. Make sure you don't go alone!     [...]