Va Gina

I never did do a blog post for my most recent Va Gina video. That’s totally remiss of me as I know some folk in my blog are not virtual players and are not in my virtual Facebook feed to see the update.

For that I apologise. Life has been very hectic for me trying to keep up with work, what’s going on in the world, union activity and frankly my own self.

Anyhow I released it over last Saturday in the very early hours of U.K. time whilst I was asleep.

Yes the scheduled button . Marvellous thing that. Only thing I have noticed that WordPress pretty much sucks at it’s scheduling and that was pretty disappointing to see with another I scheduled. But that’s not for this post.

The video I made with the help of my lovely good friend Yorkie who happens to be the love interest of VaGina.

Yorkie is definitely the most loveliest of souls I have met online and I seriously would use my handbag and swipe someone who would ever attempt to hurt him. Just saying. I adore him and Rosie as good people are very rare nowadays.

Anyhow I digress. (I’m good at digressing). So the video came out and if you follow the story of Va Gina then you understand she is a lady who is fiesty, confident and comfortable in her own skin. Though she likes to spend too much time in the sun. Contrary to dermatological advice,

I enjoy her character at the moment because she is about me and about throwing away the stereotype of what is expected to see of a virtual woman.

Often I wish to change my avatar completely to her but unfortunately SL creators are still stuck in their belief that all women wear one body. (No pun intended).

So I was a little surprised when someone watched my video and made the comments that I was making fun of being fat and using stereotypical humour. I guess fat shaming?

Now that actually did make me question a number of things but certainly not myself at all.

For you see, each character I create are different aspects of me and I reveal those through my characters.

I would never ever fat shame anyone ever. Because I’m not slim gal. I’m “big boned” too!!!

So it is rather ironic that such a comment is made. I don’t consider it nasty or anything and can see the logic of why that person thought to, although on the wrong track.

Va Gina is my way of showing the world that not all women have to be skinny bimbos to be in this world and be seen. To be noticed and to be relevant. Big girls and men can be present in social media for being themselves and not for the over sexualised fantasies of men or women who like big people. Let’s be honest, there’s a whole lot of that in social media at the moment.

So it saddened me to see that kind of comment because, I seriously am the last person who would do that.

But let me add, will it stop me being all of my selves? Errr nope! Because at the end of the day, I do what makes me happy and I respect my own decisions and interpretations.

I want those “big boned” virtual characters to have as much highlight as the Barbie look avatar images. Because reality is about all types.

I want second life to reflect that just like reality all people who are good and decent are beautiful in their own ways.

My Va Vagina is beautiful. She has the sass of the most confident woman but also the vulnerability of the woman who can be insecure. Me. And let’s face it, she has Yorkie!!!!

Now wouldn’t all the women and men out there want that!!



Bikini from Piggu

June avatar from Piggu

2 thoughts on “Va Gina

  1. One of these days, I’m going to do a test recording to see if I can recreate the voices of all your characters, or a decent resemblance. 😉 Yes, big-boned girls (and boys) absolutely deserve love! And people should be able to have whatever size and shape of body they want in Second Life, and not feel ashamed or be pushed to conform. 🙂

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