My garden has changed since this picture. The lovely couch and harp are still out there but I’ve gone a little nuts with my home.

All will be revealed at some stage, if I don’t change my mind before!! Designer Showcase and Raindale. Deets in the credits below.

On another note. I hope you are all ok and looking after yourselves.

We are facing a wierd time in history and bombarded by so much news that we really don’t know what is best to do.

Personally I’m taking the approach of trying not to become obsessed with the situation but at the same time, exercising care and making sure I am not placing myself in situations that could make me carry anything.

I have my own underlying health issues, but so do a heck of a lot of people. Remember, underlying health issues are the ones you cannot easily see.

It’s not just old people, it’s any age that can have one.

My grandson is 4, to be 5 in July. Those that have been with me a long time know Mason’s story.

There are many children like him out there, who come though heart operations but you still have to remember, it’s not always visible.

Children are not immune. Don’t assume that.

Be sensible, don’t panic. But I agree make sure you have food in your cupboards, but for goodness sake, don’t forget the elderly who can’t run to the stores or the poorer people around you and the homeless people.

Donate to food banks!!!

Look out for them. Put your hand in that shopping bag and share.


Nizza outdoor couch from Dreamland Designs at the Designer Showcase March

Magic Harp  with violin gift from Raindale at theLiaison Collaborative till 26 March

The magic Harp lays music  and both the flowers in the Harp and  violin colour change

Beaumon teepee from Raindale at the Cosmopolitan Event


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