Who am I?

I was talking to a rl friend and was showing him all my characters in Second Life and how each one looks and sounds.

He asked me a very good question

“Who are you?”

Well the answer is actually quite simple really.

I am Liz.

But all these characters are also me.

They are slithers of my personality drawn into the virtual world and let loose.

My main persona is Isabelle Cheren. As we all know. But the essence of each person I am in a video character is me too.

Yes I’m either insane or in touch with myself so much that I’ve split .

Or simply why not laugh, if you can laugh at yourself?

But the main thing is, these characters are very much a creative expression when life in the real world just seems so crazy. They have helped me through difficult times and when I need a friend, I can just call on one of me!

I’m kidding on that bit. But imagine if you could?

So today who is this in my blog?


Day gig outfit from I M Collection (number of colour variations)

Soft touch lipstick from Mila

Verge hair from Stealthic

Erin head from Lelutka

As it seems pose from Luanes World

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Isabella skin in shade 05 from  Amara Beauty

Shot on location at the Four Seasons

6 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. LOL, yeah, one of my first experiences with logging in one of my alts, my asshole “brother” and tiny bunny Neotel, at the same time as Orca.Instead of being happy about the connection being stable enough to keep two of us online … “we” started to fight! A verbal shitslinging contest. 😦 And that in front of a yacht club with thousand people watching “us” … and asking my mental stability. 😮
    Pff, what can I do? He’s really a little anklebiting asshole and doesn’t show any mercy. Not even when I graciously let him write guest posts in my blog. :/
    Nag, nag, nag …

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  2. My avatar is definitely an expression of my creative side. 🙂 But also how I feel inside, as an introvert, somewhere on the autism spectrum, who has always felt a bit like an alien. I have a few other avatars I use occasionally, including a werewolf, a kitty-bot and a Dalek. (And yes, they’re all blue and pink, because reasons.) I don’t have any alt accounts, though.

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