When life deals you donuts

Well life doesn’t deal me donuts but today it has dealt me one huge lemon.

Basically no more donuts!

I’ve feel feeling incredibly tired for several months.

More tired than I’ve ever felt to be honest.

I get bouts of nausea and if not that I’m feeling teary, sweaty and just not been myself for quite a while.

I wake often during the night desperate for a pee or feeling sick.

I basically have got used to feeling that way as it’s been going on for quite a while and I just put it down to a Fibro flare up. It must be all related.

Well today I found out I’m diabetic.

It’s come as somewhat of a shock to me and I’ve been put on medication starting now.

I’ve got more blood tests to have and then a visit to the diabetic clinic.

I’m really not sure how I feel right now.

Stupid is my current resounding feeling because I just ignore everything and have a habit of blaming Fibro for everything.

Anyhow I’m just going to process this and let myself absorb that information and revisit it tomorrow. Ive had my jolly good cry and just now have to put my big gal pants on and deal with it.

In the meantime I will disappear into my virtual world because there I’m not having to think about such things.

Tomorrow is a new day!


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6 thoughts on “When life deals you donuts

  1. Oh stay strong Isabelle ! My mom has it and of course i’m next in line as its hereditaty type of diabete, the only thing that will keep this beast away is sport for example walking a hour a day ! As simple as it is did they tell you what kind of diabete it was because besides the hereditary one the others are not very hard to put under control and monitor. I wish you lot of strength, peaceful quiet life good mental and healthy body are the key you can live with it easily hugs ❤

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    1. My mother was insulin dependant . She had it all her life. My one brother since he was in his twenties.
      I just feel sad I guess and stupid for not taking better care when things were changing. I just always assume it’s to do with my other condition so I ignore things. I’ll se what day I must do. I have to have some other bloods done so I don’t know what kind it is. I assume it is the type 2 I don’t know


  2. I remember back to 2007/8 when my health started to deteriorate, I was scared as heck because it was one thing after another. Joint pain, leading to my barely being able to walk. Sinus congestion, frequent nosebleeds. Then skin lesions, then partial hearing loss in one ear, then permanent red-eye. It took several consultations to work out that they were all linked, that I had Wegeners Syndrome. Lots of medication followed, including two rounds of chemotherapy. But I’ve been in remission since 2011. Remember that knowledge is power, don’t beat yourself up with “What if…?”.

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    1. Yes true about the knowledge thing.
      I’m having a bad day today. I’ve told no one in reality about it. Not yet anyhow. Funnily it’s easier to write a blog than it is to speak to people sometimes. Plus I really don’t need the oh you should do this or do that etc.
      I’m just quietly absorbing and trying to know what I’m doing. I see Diabetic nurse on 24th and guess I’ll understand it better then.
      I’ve never heard of your illness, the fact you have chemo for it is I’m guessing pretty serious.
      Still we could be worse off and that’s always my mind. So no complaints just learn huh 😊


      1. Yeah, it’s pretty rare, I was lucky to be reference to a consultant in London who knew about it.
        I still have a bit of tinnitus on one ear, and my nose changed shape due to damage to the cartilage, but otherwise I’m fit and well. I’ll probably need to keep taking medication for the rest of my life, just to keep my immune system in balance. All the ailments I described? That was my immune system going into overdrive and attacking my body, specifically huge red blood cells. Not fun.

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      2. God doesn’t life just throw some stuff at people. Glad it’s in remission for you.
        Very lucky. Medication well it’s the thing that keeps people going. Science does have its pluses. 😊


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