Lease of life when you know yourself

The past few days I have been going to work.

Yes I work every day but as you know I have worked from home since April. But the past two days actually going into the office.

I have learnt something that I didn’t know in this time and conveyed it to a Health and Safety manager colleague today realising why I have a different attitude working from home.

Not only does it help me in terms of how my fibro and back affects me.  (That hidden thing that no one appreciates how it feels because if they cant see it, it cant exist)

I realised that I have an issue working  amongst people.

No, not because I don’t like them! haha I can hear you laughing saying that now, but that’s not true at all. I really love seeing my colleagues at work when I see them. They’re good souls and its nice because we are so tactile and caring as people with each other.

Its the fact that I realise why I have more an issue , its the background noise of people talking.

I knew I was kind of odd in some ways as over the years I would get slightly irritated when trying to concentrate on something, but I just put it down to pre PMT or some other irrational hormonal thing. At times I can get quite irritated that it can really distract me from something I am doing.

But its actually hit me on the head like a sledgehammer. I like to work in quiet. No background talking distracting me or people walking past stopping to chat etc.

I cant seem to concentrate in that mode. Which makes sense now as often my colleagues can work with headphones in their ears listening to music while they write up work, but I have never been able to ever, because I get agitated and cant concentrate.

And that answers my own question as to why the sound of a telephone ringing can really bother me and I have to answer it.

I mean I cant even walk in a park listening to music as then I cant concentrate at all.

Funny how I have been like this a long time if I think about it, and have just basically discovered within myself why I can get stressed. I just cant bear chatter chatter chatter. Only though when I am in chatter mode.

Maybe I am a freak of nature. Who knows. But I have come home and thought to myself at this age Liz, you finally find out something.

The outfit I am wearing, if you want it, get your skates on as EQUAL10 are changing over for the December round in less than a day to go.

For the Brows and Eyes from A R T E  take a nice leisurely teleport and have a good browse. No pun intended. Or, is there?


Crystal eyes (colours here) from A R T E at the Liaison Collaborative

Ari eyebrows (styles here) from A R T E at the Liaison Collaborative

Shiva outfit from .Safira till 5th at EQUAL10 Event

Bliss hair is from Lamb

Oline lipstick from A R T E

Catya bento head from CATWA

Angel shape for the Catya head LizBitz

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Edie  skin in 05 from  Amara beauty

2 thoughts on “Lease of life when you know yourself

  1. When I was working full-time in an office / production environment, I found that my productivity would go down if I was having to multitask or chase things. I worked best when I could get in the zone and focus on one or two tasks at a time. This isn’t a huge surprise to me, as I’ve known for a while now that I’m on the autism spectrum.

    Unlike you, I actually prefer to listen to music when I’m working now. I find it helps my brain to quieten down and stop overthinking (another autism trait).

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    1. Interesting how we have ways in how we approach things. For example today I’m super stressed but working alone. It’s a good stress I refer to as “pressure” more than detrimental stress. I get in a zone and then really can do lots of things but in that zone. So I thrive on pressure but not distraction.
      But I’m getting lots done because other than that pressure I have complete calm around me. Silence and two cats that look at me now and then 😊


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