Mental health

As I write this blog I am watching and listening to the Avicii tribute concert.  (You see I can do it when its my choice) Dancing in my head. My heart is warm with memories of his tracks and how they feature in my own memories of his time and how his songs brought meaning to different parts of my past few years since I started following him.

You know what its like, a song has a meaning.

I have been an Avicii fan for as long as I knew of him. He inspired me for a long period to think I could do what he did and look outside of the box because of a love of music.  I followed that passion for a number of years mixing in my living room and playing with music.

I even released and have quite a few tracks published and mini albums.

Nothing outstanding, but stuff I did enjoy and I like to listen to even though its me.

It was my hobby and in that moment I felt just like him. He so inspired me . Just like he has inspired so many people out there and given memories to moments in time with the music.

You see not many people come along and just project instantly like he did. Release amazing track after amazing track.

Its so sad that despite being this incredibly talented creative person with a life ahead, that he took his life.

Mental health is very often a hidden thing that you cant see or hear until its too late.

The continuous work behind supporting and helping people with mental health issues is ongoing around us but still not enough people give it time and thought.

We all have had people who we have lost because of their mental health. The past few years I have experienced this both with my father, a woman I helped and my daughters friends mum.

It affects all of us and priority to be aware is increasing as more and more people are struggling in this world.

I wanted to write  while I virtually attend this concert because its the time to do it.

I hope you are watching it and if you are not…here is the link as it has been live streaming the past 4 hours.

The Tim Bergling foundation was created byKlas and Anki Bergling the parents and family of Avicii (Tim) in hounour of his death.

The idea behind the foundation is about the importance of recognizing and treating the early signs of deteriorating mental health, anxiety, and depression for performing artists and those working in the music industry.

But it isn’t just about artists. Average every day people experience this, but it does highlight that sometimes we view people as being happy and healthy in their mental health when they are not.  The perception “they have it all” is often not true.

Behind the riches and fame, beats loneliness, frustration, depression all rolled into one.

We need to open our eyes. Around us, in life and virtual life.


3 thoughts on “Mental health

  1. His voice is beautiful! I can’t get the video to work here but I do know of his music I must confess I’m not fluent in Avicii, its always sad to hear of an incredible talent taking his/hers own life due to mental issues, at times it must be very difficult for these sensitive & talented people to seek the help they need. We have lost way too many valuable souls to depression and other mental health issues. Thank you Is for sharing this important story. Hugzz

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    1. oh he never used to sing. He was mastermind behind putting music together and producing it and making great lyrics and getting amazing performers to work with him. Amazing talent and so young. He was the guy that produced amazing tracks that were like anthems. If you hear some of his music then you will know. Often people would hear his music and didn’t know it was him . Say for example when a woman sang etc.. eg rita ora in this

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