Seth Regan – Mankind Tracer

Seth Regan – Mankind Tracer

Here’s the concert event:-


Doing anything this weekend? Like all of us we are at home and finding a new way of living during this pandemic.


March 23, 2020 – San Diego, CA: Veteran Second Life “Rock Star” Seth Regan a.k.a. Mankind Tracer is planing a return to his Second Life shows… and in a big way! On Sunday, March 29, 2020 at 2PM SLT, Seth is planning a big 4 sim live concert event backed by Linden Lab. Seth has been out of SL since his final performance back in August, 2016 when he performed a benefit concert to help raise much needed money for his dear friend and manager Kalli Birman’s children after she sadly lost her battle with cancer.

After 20 years of professional touring with various cover and originals projects, Seth discovered Second Life in 2006. He quickly rose to stardom as the most widely recognized live performer in SL. He continued his meteoric rise by introducing live video shows and holding the largest ever event in SL with his first “Peace, Love & Belief” concert which took place on 23 sims. He later blasted that record in 2011 with PLB 5 which took place across 63 sims! In 2008, Seth’s SL fan group the “Friends of Mankind” flew him out to Amsterdam to perform at what is hailed as the first ever SL meetup. They repeated it again in 2009 with over 20 countries represented at the event.

Seth has played countless benefit/charity concerts over the years, raising money to help organizations and even individuals in need. This Return Concert will similarly be a benefit with 100% of your donations going to help the World Health Organization’s effort to battle Coronavirus. Please consider making a donation. Seth will not have any tip jars at the event, but there will be clickable banners to the WHO donation page at the event. You can also click here to donate directly to @WHO:

During his time performing in Second Life, Seth has been the recipient of the most prestigious awards including “Best Live Performer”, “Best Singer Songwriter”, “Listener’s Choice Award”, the “2011 Best of SL Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Contributions to Second Life”.

This is a concert event not to be missed! The “Mankind Tracer” fans are already buzzing! If you don’t know Seth’s music, you’ve been missing out. He has released 7 albums that are available on iTunes, Spotify and everywhere else. Just search his name and you’ll find his music. His live concerts have set the tone for many SL performers who would follow. One word of caution, Seth is fond of dragging people up on stage so be sure to dress to the nines in case you are one of the few he pulls up on stage. 

Grab Seth’s 7th album “Covers – Part I” here:

Get familiar with Seth Regan’s music by visiting his YouTube Channel:

Although there are 4 sims for this event, fans are urged to arrive early before the 2PM SLT scheduled concert start time. 3 sims will be set for the general public and the 4th will be used for the stage and for Seth’s group, the “Friends of Mankind” and other key VIP’s. Attendees are asked to wear Seth’s colors, red and black. Check out Seth’s own clothing line on SL Marketplace called “R:O:K Store”.

Keep an eye out on SL’s Destination Guide, Blogs, Firestorm, Social Channels, websites and other online spots for posts about Seth Regan’s highly notable return to Second Life.









Home isolation

Home isolation

I am guessing many of you are on isolation from the work place as you start working from home.

Maybe you are  isolated as someone is showing signs of illness or maybe like me you have underlying conditions considered a risk.

I already have  for a year worked from home. I am therefore quite adept to isolated working as it suits my inner wierdo as well as my health.

Many of us are extremely lucky to have space for our isolation. A balcony, garden or courtyard we can disappear into and breathe the world in and stretch.

Spare a thought for those  who don’t have the luxury of balcony or a garden. Isolation is within 4 walls and can be pretty lonely for anyone alone or pretty anxious and fraught for those living on top of each other.

Encourage some virtual social networking if you can to enable those people who have no one to talk to and would love some company, encourage them to join us in our virtual worlds whichever ones you are in.

For the current future this is our lives until the madness dissipates and we may as well make the best of it. Its such a strange time and scary one, but we dont have to sit with that weighing on us, we can choose to just make the best of our current situations and find things to occupy our minds and time.

Spend more time with those you live with, bake, play games, discuss dreams and ambitions.  Make video memories and take photos.

Be positive and laugh. For the most part, laughter is a free medicine and you helping with that smile on someone’s face, is the best gift you can give.

On another note, be like me and bask in the sunset and feel the beauty of life.

This is the first time I am blogging for M Law Designs and as we know im not an overly huge décor blogger but I want to get better. Of course I prefer people in a photo and so as per usual for me most of the time I had to throw myself on the day bed and wear a outfit from IM Collection….



Anette Blouse and cropped pants from IM Collection at Sense Event

Marina Barrel day bed from M. Law Designs and only $60L as promo

Reflectice eyes  from Amara Beauty

Gloss Lipstick from A R T E

Charlotte hair from Analog Dog

Glam on eyeshadow from A R T E

Catya bento head from CATWA

Angel shape for the Catya head LizBitz

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Nora BOM skin from  Amara Beauty

The leap year proposal

The leap year proposal

After the culmination of years of friendship between James and Harriet, a special is on the lips of Harriet for James.

Its the Leap year and as per tradition the lady gets to ask the special question.

Harriet has pulled out all the stops with the help of Jonathon to surprise her dear James.

Follow the video to now find out how it goes.



Carina Wrap top from Giz Seorn

Carina pants from Giz Seorn

Galvez hair from Doux

Sweet gloss lipstick  from A R T E

Glam eyeshadow from A R T E

Kimberley bento head from CATWA

Evie shape for the CATWA Kimberley head LizBitz

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Edie  skin  in tone 5  from Amara

Lease of life when you know yourself

Lease of life when you know yourself

The past few days I have been going to work.

Yes I work every day but as you know I have worked from home since April. But the past two days actually going into the office.

I have learnt something that I didn’t know in this time and conveyed it to a Health and Safety manager colleague today realising why I have a different attitude working from home.

Not only does it help me in terms of how my fibro and back affects me.  (That hidden thing that no one appreciates how it feels because if they cant see it, it cant exist)

I realised that I have an issue working  amongst people.

No, not because I don’t like them! haha I can hear you laughing saying that now, but that’s not true at all. I really love seeing my colleagues at work when I see them. They’re good souls and its nice because we are so tactile and caring as people with each other.

Its the fact that I realise why I have more an issue , its the background noise of people talking.

I knew I was kind of odd in some ways as over the years I would get slightly irritated when trying to concentrate on something, but I just put it down to pre PMT or some other irrational hormonal thing. At times I can get quite irritated that it can really distract me from something I am doing.

But its actually hit me on the head like a sledgehammer. I like to work in quiet. No background talking distracting me or people walking past stopping to chat etc.

I cant seem to concentrate in that mode. Which makes sense now as often my colleagues can work with headphones in their ears listening to music while they write up work, but I have never been able to ever, because I get agitated and cant concentrate.

And that answers my own question as to why the sound of a telephone ringing can really bother me and I have to answer it.

I mean I cant even walk in a park listening to music as then I cant concentrate at all.

Funny how I have been like this a long time if I think about it, and have just basically discovered within myself why I can get stressed. I just cant bear chatter chatter chatter. Only though when I am in chatter mode.

Maybe I am a freak of nature. Who knows. But I have come home and thought to myself at this age Liz, you finally find out something.

The outfit I am wearing, if you want it, get your skates on as EQUAL10 are changing over for the December round in less than a day to go.

For the Brows and Eyes from A R T E  take a nice leisurely teleport and have a good browse. No pun intended. Or, is there?


Crystal eyes (colours here) from A R T E at the Liaison Collaborative

Ari eyebrows (styles here) from A R T E at the Liaison Collaborative

Shiva outfit from .Safira till 5th at EQUAL10 Event

Bliss hair is from Lamb

Oline lipstick from A R T E

Catya bento head from CATWA

Angel shape for the Catya head LizBitz

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Edie  skin in 05 from  Amara beauty

Step up?

Step up?

My guilty pleasure is watching  the Step Up films and pretending in my imagination that is me.

I absolutely love the fantasy of the storylines and the dance sequences.

Contemporary dance to me is truly one of the most expressive forms of modern dance. It brings into it other forms of dance such as Jazz, ballet and the modern hip hop we know.

I absolutely love this pack that has been brought into Second Life by Paragon Dance Animations as danced by Madison Cubbage.

I cannot  tell you how much I love the way Madison moves and I stare at her and think wow, if only I could really do that.

I can though in Second Life but clearly not in the real world. I mean if I could in the real world, Madison would have to watch out for the competition.

I am lucky when I am making videos for Paragon Dance Animations, I get to always see the original influencers dancing in reality so I can match up the dance sequences for the Paragon videos. I feel like I know all their moves now and I feel fortunate for that opportunity.

Even more exciting to me, is that Madison Cubbage asks for her own copies from me. Now that’s a lovely feeling to know that she approves.

Now for my Isa version as the Paragon version you will see later when Paragon releases it using the virtual Madison.





Featuring the Contemporary dances danced by Madison Cubbage from Paragon Animations now at the EBento

Product Description
5 contemporary freestyle dance performance captured by former multi-champion Madison Cubbage recognized as one of the strongest competitors of her time. Contemporary dance is a expressive technical dance that has grown to be a dominant dance genres for formally trained dancers. The focus of it’s technique typically combines the strong but controlled legwork of ballet with the emphasis of torso movements of modern dance. These were originally danced to a series of slow songs.
Dance 01  – Originally danced to “Confidently Lost” by Sabrina Claudio. Tempo = 114 BPM
Dance 02 – Originally danced to “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi. Tempo = 110 BPM
Dance 03 – Originally danced to “At My Weakest” by James Arthur. Tempo = 100 BPM
Dance 04 & 5 – Originally danced to  “Train Wreck” by James Arthur. Tempo = 74.89 BPM
About Madison Cubbage
– Dancer for Todrick Hall (Forbidden World Tour), Ariana Grande (7 Rings MV), Calvin Harris, Little Mix, Forever in Your Mind, and DNCE.
– Elite Protege with The Pulse On Tour.
– Top contemporary dancer recognized as one of the strongest competitors of her time.
– 230,000+ instagram followers.


Vivi leggings and sweater outfit from Lunar at the EQUAL10 Event

Dolly Gloss from L W Makeup at the EQUAL10 Event

Gem eyes  from Amara Beauty

Glam on eyeshadow from A R T E

Charlotte hair from Analog Dog

Catya bento head from CATWA

Angel shape for the Catya head LizBitz

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Edie  skin in 04 from  Amara Beauty

Paragon Dance Animations Social Media
Like/Follow us on social media and/or join Paragon Dance Animations group to stay updated on new releases, specials, and events.
Group url: secondlife:///app/group/6f12165e-7e7b-3e6a-b858-1a9e8ae45d4b/about


Exploring Hazardous

Exploring Hazardous

As you may have noticed I have stepped back a little from my character videos.

Well the gals need a little break now and then as well.

Thelma is off with the family enjoying their reunion after a year. Remember if you watch the series, Trevor has lurked in the shadows all this time with odd sightings, whilst Thelma gave birth to the miracle child. C’mon you never thought she did it on her own did you?

I mean you never thought she popped to a Zooby store and ordered the kid?

Marika is currently chasing that hottie around the gym and trying to get him to use his sat nav to go around her.

Beverley, well she is right now getting her feet massaged by her Guru and has not been seen for days.

Today we are visiting Hazardous in Second Life. A pretty sim which has been around a fair while now and I have previously visited but never filmed.

I thought you know what lets visit again and I will attempt to fight my current lag and film some for you. Enjoy……



To visit Hazardous just click here

Music used in this video

Track 1 is “Western call” by Cody Francis

Track 2 is “Minds of the Forest” by Sight of wonders

Do you tell yourself you are beautiful?

Do you tell yourself you are beautiful?

Do you ever just look in the mirror and think to yourself “who is that, she is hot?”.

Honestly when I go to bed at night, freshly showered and lotioned with the hint of rose blossom. I feel incredibly beautiful.

That moment when I slide into my sheets and my head touches the pillow is probably the most raw moment of me and yet it’s my best moment.

I am not constrained by looking a certain way, dressing a certain way in order to feel good and confident. I am stripped of all those things and my bare self and yet the happier self is there.

That’s how we should always see ourselves.

That saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder is so true. If you don’t feel it when you look into that mirror, then you have done yourself an injustice.

Because beauty is not about the skin, its not about how others see you, it’s about how you feel about you and how that carries to how you feel about others.

Next time you stand in front of the mirror, don’t compare yourself to others. Look at who you are and what you bring to the world.


Claudine Blush dress from Sascha’s Designs at

Gem eyes  from Amara Beauty

Glam on eyeshadow from A R T E

Sweet gloss lipstick from A R T E

Amanda hair from D!VA

Catya bento head from CATWA

Angel shape for the Catya head LizBitz

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Edie  skin in 04 from  Amara Beauty

What happened next

What happened next

It has been 1 year since the Wedding of Thelma and Trevor that went all wrong.

Thelma woke  a day  later and life just went on as normal. It was all a dream.

But something wasn’t quite right and missing all this time. The part of the story that really happened behind the scenes that is today.

But will there be another twist? You may have to wait as Thelma is now going on her November vacation to get ready for Christmas.


Credits in video:-

Ramona pants and top from AnaSTyle

Natural gloss from A R T E

Deiji hair from Bonbon

Simone bento head from Lelutka

Baby Trevor from Zooby

Freya Mesh body from Belleza

Iza dark skin from Lara Hurley

Shot on location at The Portal Park -Halloween Ride

The bitter sweet taste of eternity

The bitter sweet taste of eternity

She walks the winding cobbled pavements searching for her soul.

The life she once knew gone and traded for eternal life.

Loneliness and a child who will stay eternally dependant upon her.

For you see beauty is not in the skin, not what you can see, it exists within.

She traded with the immortal and received her life long death sentence.

In return, the price was not worth it.

She was an island in the middle of the dark wide ocean.


Lilya Roya red gown from Sascha’s Designs

Vampire baby is a gacha  from Black Bantam at the Gacha Arcade

Static Wings from ML Fashion

Doll V2 applier for skin and face from [Pink Fuel]

Andra eye makeup from Zibska

Erika hair from D!VA

Eyes  from CATWA

Catya bento head from CATWA

Angel shape for the Catya head LizBitz

Lara mesh body Maitreya