Water the plants?

Happy Monday to all.

So yesterday my son comes by a few hours with his dad to pick up some more of his belongings.

Before having his coffee he pops on the balcony and starts trimming all the pot plants and tidying them up.

I thought to myself, how sweet that was to do.

Has a coffee then they start taking down some more boxes from his room.

Why am I rambling you ask.

Well next went the plants! All the plants!

I know right. Not one or two, the lot!

To be fair he has been the master pot plant keeper. But now I’m staring at a plantless balcony.

It suddenly does feel real the lad has left home.

I guess I had better start buying more pots again.

The funny thing is. They were all my terracotta pots!

Seriously guys, they eat you out of house and home, then take the pots too!

Hide the pots if you can!


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No Between  hair from No.Match

Glam on eyeshadow from A R T E

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7 thoughts on “Water the plants?

  1. Oooh noos! Pot-less! Joking apart, they’re not cheap nowadays, the good terracotta ones. I’m trying to find a positive – oh, the neighbour won’t get splashed with plant water for a while 🙂

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  2. Oh Isa, it must be hard for you. I have heard (not having chicklings of my own) that when they fly the nest even the most progressive and motivated of mothers feels pangs of sadness. And the ungrateful little wotsit took all the plants too, with narry a care that he might leave his mum without leafy goodness.

    If you’re not big on plant care, get yourself some nice ferns and things that don’t need care to survive. I’m talking faux ferns here! 😀

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    1. Lol I like faux ferns idea lol
      Nah it’s ok.
      I’ll treat myself I think to a planter or two that hangs on the rails.
      Get my plant fix somehow. Mind you I’ll be honest my flat inside is like a jungle lol
      I’m a huge plant person
      I’m getting used to the separation thing. But it is a real thing that moment you realise the kiddos all just grew up.
      Maybe I’ll take up macrame!!!! 😂😂😂🤣🤣👵🏻
      Nooo kidding lol


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