Over there!!!

Last night when I came home I saw some rubbish on the ground outside some lazy so and so had decided to just put down and walk off.

Being the environment friendly person I can be, I picked it up and took it to the huge bin cupboard for my apartment complex.

Remind me never to do that again.

I saw a rat!!!

This inspired the picture today even though it’s a cat in it. But the rat was as big as a cat I’m telling you. That big!!!!!


Outfit from .:(CW):. at the Designer Showcase

Gem eyes  from Amara Beauty

Lux Eyeliner from A R T E

Oline lipstick from A R T E

Genesis hair from Stealthic

Catya bento head from CATWA

Angel shape for the Catya head LizBitz

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Edie  skin in 04 from  Amara Beauty

Shot on location at MOTORHEADZ Cafe

2 thoughts on “Over there!!!

  1. Nasty! I remember my Grandpa telling me tales of when he helped to clean out one of the shipping canals that had been dormant for ages… he conjured vivid scenes of huge rats climbing up wooden stakes as they were disturbed. The chaps working there had guns, just for that reason.

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