Thelma’s first day

Today is Thelma’s first day at work.

Not quite how she planned and it seems not where she planned.

Join her and at the same time check out the pretty cool Bikers Cake bar!



The Bakers Fail  cake counter from DRD at the Bloom Event

Junkyard corner set from DRD at FaMESHed Go

  • Table and beers: FaMESHed Go! – Junkyard Corner – Table
  • Stool : FaMESHed Go! – Junkyard Corner – Stool – Blue
  • Wall shelf: FaMESHed Go! – Junkyard Corner – Wall Shelf
  • Big chair: FaMESHed Go! – Junkyard Corner – Armchair – Blue (FaMESHed Go! Gift)

Frankenstomp boots from DRD

No expectations dress from Entice at the Ultra

Simone bento head from Lelutka

Freya Mesh body from Belleza

Teanna hair from Truth

Rie Rose Pale skin from Lara Hurley

Dude is my random male bot. He doesn’t say much.

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