Cyberpunk meets Dubstep at Hangars Liquides

Cyberpunk meets Dubstep at Hangars Liquides

No Coffee chats today. This week I promised myself and some good people I would spend my time raising the awareness of the amazing Hangars Liquides the largest and longest running cyberpunk city in the world. The entire visual content is crafted in 3D, by artist Djehan Kidd, all the textures are hand painted. The sound design has [...]

The Chameleon

The Chameleon She is constantly changing colour, rainbows of them each time. One moment a hint of orange, the next a splash of white. She is the Chameleon wearing different coats. Unseen in the night. Now for the dance video..... Video:- Credits:- Hedwig silver harness and Helmet from Sascha's Designs Frida Prosthetic  legs in Cherry [...]

Get stuff free with Thelma

Thelma is at it again, vlogging but at the same time she is on the move!! Video:- Credits:- This outfit is a FREE gift from Blueberry if you join her  group. Fair dues its true! What a lady! The pack rat car from Death Row Designs at Uber Simone bento head from Lelutka Freya [...]

Thelma seeks Psychiatric help

When I received the psychiatric booth from DRD I couldn't stop laughing. Seriously the endless possibilities for a skit using this sprung to my mind. I felt that Thelma the most unlikely candidate would get to test it out. After all she does like to talk. Here's the video.... Video:- Credits:- Tracks of my [...]

Up you working week

And this is how I intend to roll for the next 5 days as I'm off work and de-stressing. Oh and this is Coffee with Isa on Friday instead of Monday because well why not. Happy Long weekend everyone who has one. Video:- Credits:- JoAnn dress from Bijou Rogue Stomper platform boots from Reign Blessed eyes  [...]

Namaste with Thelma

On her merry adventures Thelma has been doing odd jobs in between to make ends meet whilst Trevor has gallivanted away. Thelma has taken to acting roles and short tv commercials. Her style is certainly a niche one at that. Today she is spiritually embracing the idea that a healthy life and body originated from [...]