Yesterday was not such a great day and today as I sit here bouncing along on the bus, I’m guessing today may still have a little residue of yesterday shadowing it.

When people do things you don’t expect them to because you really believe they are something special. It’s a blow to realise that you wasted time and emotions.

I think everyone at some stage in their lives comes across someone who wins their way into your heart but ultimately just doesn’t realise the importance of treating it well. We have all encountered those people and I know this resonates with a few people I know.

Valentine’s Day is arriving soon.

The day of romance and all the wonderful things people celebrate about love.

To be honest I have actually never celebrated Valentine’s Day. I think the only time I received flowers on Valentine’s was from my ex husband when he tried to apologise after being a twit. I did have to laugh at the time as I thought to myself “only you Liz”! 

This gorgeous outfit today is certainly something every valentine should consider having. Not just for one day. For everyday because to me romance should exist between two people every day.

So having a hud well just means you can!

Enjoy the video.

Video :


In love lingerie outfit from ArisAris/B&W just in time to shop for Valentines day

Catya bento mesh head and Animated eyes from  CATWA

Lara mesh body from Maitreya

Angel face and body shape from LizBitz

Christy dark skin from Lara Hurley

Shot on location in my bedroom.




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